Catan’s Robber is a real inconvenience! He steals a card whenever he’s placed, and then renders the hex he is placed on useless until he’s moved again.

This is a simple variation to the Robber that gives him a little more use in your games.



Edward rolls a 7, he then places the Robber on a wheat hex with a #8 chit and two cities and a settlement.

Next time an 8 is rolled Edward will receive two wheat that turn. Five wheat would’ve been handed out had the Robber not been there, so Edward receives the less of half of those resources.

Later in the game, Edward places the Robber back on the same hex, but it now has three cities. The next time an 8 is rolled, Edward then receives three wheat, because six wheat would’ve been handed out had the Robber not been there.

Final Thoughts

Introducing this rule can change the strategy of the Robber. If a player shares a hex with an opponent who has built it up, they can hurt their opponents resource collection while keeping theirs the same or improving it.

Secondly, this helps to relieve some of the resource droughts that often happen in Catan by at least keeping the resources flowing to a player.

I hope you enjoy this simple variation, I know it’s a staple in all our games now!