5000 Rummy

One of the best variations to Rummy out there, 5000 Rummy brings the game to a whole new level! #Rummy #5000Rummy #Cardgames #Wildcards

The Perpetual Robber

Catan’s Robber is a real inconvenience! He steals a card whenever he’s placed, and then renders the hex he is placed on useless until he’s moved again. This is a simple variation to the Robber that gives him a little more use in your games. Rules After the Robber is placed, the less of half […]

Carcassonne River Variations

Carcassonne paves the way for different variations. This one is a rather easy one that creates a fun start to using the river tiles. According to the official rules you are supposed to take out the source and lake tiles of the river and shuffle the remaining tiles. Next, put the the source tile on […]